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Seatbelt Catcher - 2 Piece


"Excellent product. Well made. Easy to use.
We store ours behind the visor so it is always handy.
Would recommend for the elderly (me and my husband) and anyone with a physical issue or limitation (me)."

Ron & Kathy

Verified buyer

Countless drivers are suffering from the unnecessary and unwelcome pain that comes from reaching for one's seat belt?  

The solution to their problems is the simple, yet ingenious Seatbelt Catcher.  The Seatbelt Catcher will allow drivers to reach their seat belt PAIN FREE.  It's that simple and we are that confident that our product will solve your problems.

Introducing the Seatbelt Catcher™ – Your Ultimate Solution for Effortless Seatbelt Access!

Ensure a hassle-free and comfortable experience with the Seatbelt Catcher™, designed to cater to individuals facing mobility challenges. Here are the key features that make it a must-have:

Extended Reach: Extend your reach by 9 inches, eliminating the need for awkward twists or strenuous efforts to secure your seatbelt.

Discomfort Eliminator: Bid farewell to discomfort, as the Seatbelt Catcher™ ensures a seamless and pain-free process of reaching and fastening your seatbelt.

Versatile Design: Crafted for individuals with disabilities, back problems, or injuries, the Seatbelt Catcher™ accommodates various mobility challenges with its versatile and practical design.

Ideal for Limited Motion: Tailored for those with limited motion, the Seatbelt Catcher™ is especially beneficial for the elderly, and individuals with frozen shoulders, arthritic stiffness, or persistent injuries.

Efficient Alternative: Say no to ill-fitted grip extensions and cumbersome seatbelt pull extenders. The Seatbelt Catcher™ offers a straightforward and efficient alternative for a secure seatbelt fastening experience.

    Don't let mobility challenges hinder safety – make the Seatbelt Catcher™ available in your store today! Experience the convenience and ease of securing seatbelts like never before.