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The Seatbelt Catcher™ Will Help People With Mobility Issues.

Many drivers and passengers are suffering from the unnecessary and unwelcome pain that comes from reaching for their seat belt? The solution to their problems is the simple, yet ingenious Seatbelt Catcher™. And with 29% of US drivers being over the age of 65, this is a retail segment that should not be overlooked.

The Seatbelt Catcher™ will allow drivers and passengers to reach their seat belt PAIN FREE. It's that simple and we are that confident that our product will solve their problems.

Elevate Safety & Enhance People's Driving Experience

The Ultimate Solution for Hassle-Free Seatbelt Buckling

  • Convenient Extension for All Customers
    Drivers will enjoy easy access to their seatbelts without discomfort. Ideal for individuals with mobility challenges or injuries affecting the back, elbow, arms, neck, or shoulder.

  • Effortless Design
    Practical design eliminates the need for twisting or stretching, making it the perfect aid for the elderly and those with restricted movement.

  • Functional Design for Seamless Integration
    Smoothly slides between the seatbelt and car interior, ensuring a seamless catch without the need to turn your head for alignment.

  • Regained Mobility, Reduced Discomfort
    Extra 9 inches of reach prevent discomfort and strain associated with twisting or reaching for the seatbelt.

  • Practical Aid for Various Needs
    Invaluable for individuals with disabilities, back issues, or shoulder injuries. Also suitable for seniors and those with limited mobility.

  • Versatile Use for Multiple Functions
    Serves as an arm extender; puller, helper, grabber, and handle extender, catering to both adults and the elderly.

  • Over 25% of US Drivers in Need
    With 29% of US drivers being over the age of 65, this is a retail segment that should not be overlooked.

  • 2-Pack or 3-Pack for Flexibility
    Available in a 2 pack or a 3 pack to meet a demand for price point flexibility. Comes in two piece 9" set or three piece lengths of 7", 8", and 9". Both configurations are ideal for placing in multiple vehicles or sharing with family or friends.

Existing need = 25% of US vehicles could benefit

Heavy Duty ABS = Quality Products to support your line

Easy to Use = Simple Hook & Pull

Versatile Customer Base = Elderly, Pregnant Women, Sports Injuries, Overweight Individuals

Seatbelt Catcher Videos

Extended Reach

Extend your reach by 9 inches, eliminating the need for awkward twists or strenuous efforts to secure your seatbelt.

Discomfort Eliminator

Bid farewell to discomfort, as the Seatbelt Catcher™ ensures a seamless and pain-free process of reaching and fastening your seatbelt.

Versatile Design

Crafted for individuals with disabilities, back problems, or injuries, the Seatbelt Catcher™ accommodates various mobility challenges for drivers and passengers alike.

Ideal for Limited Motion

Tailored for those with limited motion, the Seatbelt Catcher™ is especially beneficial for the elderly, and individuals with frozen shoulders, arthritic stiffness, or persistent injuries.

Efficient Alternative

Say no to ill-fitted grip extensions and cumbersome seatbelt pull extenders. The Seatbelt Catcher™ offers a straightforward and efficient alternative for a secure seatbelt fastening experience.